Chico Tai Chi Instructors

Grandmaster and his team of professional instructors will guide you in lowering your stress, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, your confidence, energy, and sharpness will dramatically improve to the next level while learning meaningful Tai Chi philosophy and movements.
Grandmaster Azad
Recipient of two Hall of Fame Awards, as the Martial Arts Master of the Year, and a martial artist for over 45 years Mr. Azad is a 10th Degree Black Belt and a Senior Grandmaster in the martial arts.
Mr. Reitz is the Chief Instructor at Azad’s Martial Arts Center. Mr. Reitz is a 4th Degree Black Belt under Grandmaster Azad, with over 28 years of Martial Arts experience.
Mr. Merrill

Mr. Merrill has earned a Third Degree Black Belt at Azad’s Martial Arts Center and has been a student of Grandmaster Azad’s for over 25 years in multiple systems of martial arts.

Ms. Miranda
Ms. Miranda is a 1st Degree Black Belt. She started her training with Grandmaster Azad in December 2013 at Azad’s Martial Arts Center.
Mr. Gantt
Mr. David Gantt started his training with Grandmaster Azad in 1993. He is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and a Certified Instructor at Azad’s Martial Arts Center. His journey in martial arts started as an 8-year-old boy with attention deficit issues.

Ms. Scheiler began her martial arts training with Hapkido with Grandmaster Azad. She has completed and is certified in the Personal Defense Training course. Her main love of martial arts is focused in Shaolin Tai Chi Chuan.

Ms. Ohliger
Soon after Ms. Ohliger arrived in Chico in 2012 she began her martial arts journey in Tai Chi Chuan with Grandmaster Azad. Ms. Ohliger is a member of Azad’s international team of certified instructors and S.W.A.T staff team.
Mr. Griffin is an Assistant Instructor at Azad’s Martial Arts Center. Mr. Griffin started training under Grandmaster Azad in 2007, when he joined the Chico State Tae Kwon Do class.
Mr Holzhey is a 1st Degree Black Belt. He began his training at Azad’s Martial Arts in October 2014. He returned to martial arts training shortly after his retirement as a business professional.

What Our Students Say

Tai Chi training has taught me a lot about not only about Tai Chi moves and traditions but Sifu gave us great information on how to be a more positive person.
Mar. 26 - 2020
I really enjoyed Tai Chi training and would definitely continue if I wasn’t graduating from college. I recommend training with Grandmaster to all of my friends!
Apr. 14
Sifu is very goal orientated and really shows his passion for teaching which makes the learning more fun!
Apr. 01
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