Chico Tai Chi- Health Benefits

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Chico Tai Chi for 50 and Up!

“I’m 83 years young and in my 8th year of Tai Chi and it has been an excellent experience. After open heart surgery I signed up to regain my balance, leg strength, and mental sharpness. Through excellent instruction from Master Azad and his teaching staff I have be able to progress to Black Sash status. With the encouragement of the instructors and other members of my classes I’ve come a long way. It’s been an exciting, rigorous, fun time and I’m forever grateful. Thank you Grandmaster Azad.”
Coach D. Trimmer

What Are Our Students Saying About Chico Tai Chi?

“What a professional presentation and very friendly and fun at Azads. We were taught and checked out on every move and things were repeated enough for us to learn and hopefully remember. It was suggested that we take notes so we were able to practice the moves later and we were told to contact them by email or phone if we had further questions. I was very impressed with the presentation. Thank you so much for teaching our group.”
~ Sharon
“The team at Azad’s creates a friendly, comfortable environment to learn. We were able to attend the no cost PDT training. I appreciated the focus on awareness, avoidance, and de-escalation techniques. I highly recommend Azad’s to anyone wanting to learn Personal Defense or any of the great classes they offer.“
~ Leah
“I feel welcome when entering azads. Everyone is very knowledgeable about the different arts offered here. The instructors are more than willing to answer any questions you have about different techniques. I really enjoy the grandmasters philosophy about martial arts. Highly recommend for people willing to commit as much as you will be committed in.”
~ Brittany
“I’m a 20 year Martial Artist. I moved to Chico 5 years ago and looked for a Martial Arts studio to continue my training. I found Azad’s Martial Arts and I couldn’t be happier with the level of expertise and professionalism. Azad’s Martial Arts applies the same level of dedication to their children’s programs as they do to their adult classes. Grandmaster Azad is a community treasure and I feel very fortunate to be able to learn from him and his staff of instructors.”
~ Marty
“Taking Thai Chi for the past few months has been a delight. Perfect exercise for balance and inner peace! Our class has a good mix of students – go at your own pace.”
~ Anna
“Excellent instructors, all the way from the littlest martial artist to the most senior citizen in tai chi.The kids love their instructors! This martial arts school is for everyone! I’ve been practicing tai chi there for almost 9 years and it’s been the best thing I’ve done for myself; it provides good health to body, mind and spirit.”
~ Marianne
“I am fifty-two years young and have been training at Azad’s Martial Arts for twelve years. I can tell you it has kept me in great shape and is lots of fun while I work out. The techniques I have learned are extremely varied from punches and kicks to joint locks and pressure points, angles from many different styles of Martial Arts. You will not find a Master Instructor that has a more in-depth knowledge of self-defense than Master Azad. He also is a great teacher in the mental aspect of Martial Arts; his teachings have helped me in my business, personal relationships and overall attitude in life. If you want the full package great facility, physical training, techniques that work and the mental aspect than only one place to go, see you there.”
~ Todd
“There’s no better place to improve your happiness and health, regardless of age. I started at Azad’s at 67. After seven years, it’s the place I go where I’m the happiest. A place you find respect and courtesy. A place to train your body and mind. A place were help is there for you, no matter your needs. Martial Arts requires discipline and focus, and so much more. Find what you need at Azad’s Martial Arts.”
~ Dave
“I can’t say enough good things about Azad’s. The atmosphere is fun and positive and the instructors enjoy what they do. The instructors are Black Belts so they know of what they teach. This is not a place for competition except for within yourself – to achieve and expand what you thought wasn’t possible. My shoulder injury is pretty much non-existent. Azad’s has brought me to a higher level, physically and mentally, more than I could have thought for myself – not bad for someone who is no longer 25 years old. Stop by for a visit, watch an adult or kid’s class, see and feel the energy.”
~ D.J.
“Grandmaster Azad is one of my favorite teachers of all time. I was sinking when I met him and he was encouraging and kind. His classes helped me overcome a deep depression, I also quit smoking and Adderall while taking his classes. I consider him a friend and mentor. His classes should be advertised as one of the best things you can take. He provides World-Class instruction.”
~ Ken
“He has such positive and powerful energy that really got us up and moving. He always motivates us and makes class fun and engaging by asking philosophical questions that make us think deeper.”
~ Alyssa
“He is an amazing Grandmaster and has helped us grow not only physically through his class, but mentally. He puts his standards very high and that personally has translated into everything that I do in life now.”
~ Kierstan

Who Is Chico Tai Chi For?

Chico Tai Chi- Health Benefits

Multiple scientific studies have been conducted by universities, hospitals, and medical centers all around the world to understand the great variety of health benefits Tai Chi brings to its practitioners’’ life.

Practicing Tai Chi may, Decrease blood pressure, Increase stamina, muscle tone, and flexibility, Improve posture, balance, muscle mass, and strength, particularly in the elderly.


Chico Tai Chi Instructors

Grandmaster and his team of professional instructors will guide you in lowering your stress, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, your confidence, energy, and sharpness will dramatically improve to the next level while learning meaningful Tai Chi philosophy and movements.

Tryout Chico Tai Chi Classes

To join Chico Tai Chi all you need to do is to sign up for one of Azad’s short, trial Introductory Course options and try the classes in a private (one-on-one) and group settings. At Azad’s Martial Arts Center we treat each student like family. Your success in reaching your outcome is very important to all of us. From day one we will plan your success until you actually reach your personal and health goals.

Chico Tai Chi Classes

TAI CHI is considered one of the oldest forms of martial arts. Tai Chi relaxes the mind as it strengthens, stretches and reconditions the muscles. Often called “meditation in motion” Tai Chi uses a consistent flow of movement combined with deep abdominal breathing to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

A Brief History Of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi (Also Pronounced Taiji) is a system of Chinese internal martial arts created around 14th Century by a man named Cheng. There are a few different schools of Tai Chi Chuan known as Chen, Woo, Sun, Yang and Shaolin Styles. These systems have given life to many smaller branches around the world. In 1800 Yang, Ban-Hou altered the form taught to him by his father, Yang Lu-Chan to protect it from Manchurian rulers. Yang, Ban-Hou taught the original form to one of his disciples Wang, Chiao-Yu who later taught the original system to Kuo, Lien-Ying (1895-1984). After inheriting the lineage from Wang, Kuo applied his lifelong Shaolin, Hsing Yi Chuan, and Pakua Chuan experiences elevating his Tai Chi system to another level. He became the undefeated martial arts champion of China and an undisputed master of Chinese internal arts and the foremost authority in the Chin school which offers the closest blend of soft and hard style of martial arts. This system became a major combative course with the United States secret service and various branches of military. Kuo, Lien-Ying taught the system in its full original form with his new fighting system to Lenny Vavalette (1922-2011). Lenny Vavalette brought a new advance level, and fighting spirit, training regiments, internal Chi building, and musculoskeletal conditioning to the system making it a more advance style of Shaolin Tai Chi Chuan.

Azad began learning Sifu’s Tai Chi

Azad began learning Sifu’s Tai Chi system as well as special combative methods directly under Grandmaster’s teachings since then. Soon they conducted multitudes of martial arts demonstrations all across Northern California together. Master Azad created a martial arts retreat and specialized outdoor martial arts training camp known as “Warrior Training Camp” at Sifu’s property in the mountains where they had a large number of students of all ages show up annually to train in various systems of martial arts and get empowered mentally and physically. A large number of martial arts Masters and Grandmasters from many different Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan, Korean and Southeast Asian systems were also invited as guest speakers and instructors.

TAI-CHI Courses

Basic Introductory Course

2 Classes training program

Delux Introductory Course

4 Classes training program

VIP Introductory Course

5 Classes training program

What Our Students Say

Grandmaster’s class has helped me with my breathing in stressful situations and have found that when using the breathing techniques I am able to focus much better and not let my stress take over and ruin my focus. The breathing techniques have helped me to focus better in not only my school but also while I have been working out and using my breathing to perform better.
Apr. 16
Grandmaster’s class has helped me with my breathing in stressful situations and have found that when using the breathing techniques I am able to focus much better and not let my stress take over and ruin my focus. The breathing techniques have helped me to focus better in not only my school but also while I have been working out and using my breathing to perform better.
Apr. 14
Training with you is great for me just due to the fact that currently in life I’m going through some relationship problems as well as some family problems. Being in this class helps me forget about some things. I really appreciate what you are doing and everything you have done for all of us as a whole. Thanks.
Apr. 01
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